Understanding Microscopic Colitis

This book is based on new and additional information that was not available when the first book about Microscopic Colitis was published, and in some situations it expands on information that was presented in the first book in order to provide new insight into successful treatment methods. This edition looks at additional situations that might cause treatment failure in some cases, and it explores ways to overcome those obstacles. It is written with the understanding that the reader has already read and understands the information in the first book.

Colitis Microscópica

Probablemente, se trate del único libro que existe actualmente sobre la colitis microscópica, en el que se profundiza extensamente sobre su diagnóstico, los métodos que existen para afrontarla, así como algunos de los tratamientos que más éxito están generando y que suelen ser desconocidos en la comunidad médica. Al mismo tiempo, hace mención a intolerancias alimenticias varias, informando sobre las últimas técnicas para su diagnóstico y su relación con enfermedades autoinmunes, aportando los medios para mejorar la salud de los afectados.  Leer más.

book-cover-for-digitalPancreatic Cancer — A Guidebook for Prevention

A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer is a virtual death sentence. Only about 6 % of pancreatic cancer patients survive longer than 5 years after diagnosis. Certain foods and certain vitamin and mineral deficiencies can greatly increase the risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Learn how a few changes to your diet can significantly reduce your risk of becoming another victim of pancreatic cancer.  Read more.


final-finished-cover-for-kindle-092914Vitamin D and Autoimmune Disease

This book describes the details of how autoimmune disease can develop by exploiting certain features of our immune system. And it explores the role that vitamin D plays in assisting our immune system in preventing the genetic changes that can lead to autoimmune disease, cancer, and other life-altering issues. Guidelines for helping to determine our own optimum vitamin D level are included.  Read more.


microscopic_colitis_cover_for_kindle_96dpiMicroscopic Colitis

This book discusses the history of microscopic colitis and how it is diagnosed. It covers all of the commonly-prescribed treatment methods, and successful drug-free treatments that are generally unknown by most GI specialists. It also covers cutting edge research, and it includes the author’s theory of how inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, and autoimmune disease, may actually develop.  Read More.