Latest Book — Understanding Microscopic Colitis

This book is based on new and additional information that was not available when the first book about Microscopic Colitis was published, and in some situations it expands on information that was presented in the first book in order to provide new insight into successful treatment methods. This edition looks at additional situations that might cause treatment failure in some cases, and it explores ways to overcome those obstacles. It is written with the understanding that the reader has already read and understands the information in the first book.


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My formal education was in engineering, mathematics, and computer science.  I have teaching experience in engineering, and business experience in farming and agribusiness.

But because of my own health issues, I have devoted thousands of hours of time over a period of many years, researching and learning about health issues that seem to slip through the cracks in the halls of mainstream medicine.  And my passion is discovering and writing about simple and natural ways to effectively resolve major health issues that are poorly understood and inadequately treated by the health care system.  Read more.